2015 Resolution…Pick an airline, any airline

resolutionReflective today on the decisions made in 2014. Without a doubt, the decision to take more direct flights and reduce my overall travel time, will have consequences well into the New Year. My resolution is to return to the age old philosophy all us travelers should have, stick to one airline!

Miles flown in 2014 (by airline):
Delta – 65,850
JetBlue – 15, 254
US Air – 21,345
United – 36, 418
American – 6, 400

That is a total of 145,267 flown this year. Yet, I’ve only made Gold on Delta, Mosaic on JetBlue, and Silver on United. Had I flown Delta, as I normally do, I would have made Diamond. I will never fly United again, so those miles are just wasted. This was the year I thought I would give JetBlue a try. While the direct flight options won me over…their horrible record for on time departure has convinced me to stay away.

After 10 years one would think that I would never deviate from the rules of the road. I’ve never left Marriot and never left National. Why I thought I would experiment with airlines, I’ll never know.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year! May we never be swayed again.

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