End of year rush…for status!

endofyear United

It is the season for shopping, holiday parties, decorating the tree, and of course…rushing to make status before the end of the year.  With only 22 more days to travel this year, we are down to the wire to meet those required miles, segments, and dollars spent for your airlines status.  Here are some ideas to get you where you need to be.

The most common scenario I’m hearing right now is…”I’m short on dollars.”  Above is an example of my United status, who I try to never fly.  I’m $123 short to meet status.  Are you kidding me?!  My options are really to buy another ticket, buy an upgrade or extended leg room seat, or call United and buy miles (dollars spent on purchases count towards status).

endofyear Delta

A colleague of mine was short $759 for Delta and her ticket was $756.69.  She was going to be $2.31 short for Diamond.  Crazy!!  Since she is already Platinum, upgrades to extended leg room seats is free.  She called the airlines and asked if they could remove that benefit, so she could pay for the seat upgrade ($70), which would then meet the qualifying dollars for the year.  Smart idea…but remember, that you have to do all this prior to flying.

endofyear status

Short miles for multiple airlines?  Buying multi-airline tickets can be a pain, but it often times can be cheaper, so the client won’t complain.  I just bought a Delta and JetBlue combination ticket which will give me my required miles for both airlines.  Most travel agencies used by consulting firms (Concur, for example) have this option.  You’ll be happy you changed terminals in 2015 when you’ve got that status.

Just a few ideas.  Share your ideas in the comments area below.  Hope you all make your status for next year.  Happy Holidays!

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