Dear Holiday Travelers: A Must Read List


A good friend of mine, who is a fellow HIT consultant, recently posted a hilarious set of rules for the holiday travelers. With her permission, I’ve decided to share these with a couple edits and additions of my own. In hopes to ease the pain for those of you who have to travel, whether for work or to see family this holiday season. I’m sure you can all relate to these:

• If you get randomly selected for TSA PreCheck, that means you do not have to take anything out of your bag and you do not have to take off your shoes or coat. If you accidentally do, please do not hold up the line putting everything back on – wait until it goes through security!

• If do not have status with your airline nor are traveling first class, DO NOT stand in front of the gate or block those who are from boarding. Hang back a little and wait until they call your zone or section. Your seat is not going anywhere.

• You are only allowed 2 carry-on items. One bag (and be sure you can actually pick it up) as well as one personal item that will fit under the seat. Don’t try to bring on 3 or 4 or 5. The gate attendant will make you condense your items. Be smart and just check your bag! It truly will save you, and everyone else, time.

• If you must take a phone call on the plane before taking off, or after landing, DO NOT talk to your friend or family member on speaker. Nobody wants to hear your loud annoying conversation.

• Most importantly if you are sick,and have to travel, WEAR A MASK! Nobody will look at you funny and we will all thank you for not spreading your germs.

A couple more:

• Don’t bring wrapped presents through security
• If traveling with children, don’t drop them off in my row and sit four rows behind me.
• It’s ok to remain in your seat and let others get off the plane, you are clearly not in a hurry.
• If your baby stroller is the size of a subcompact vehicle, leave it at home.
• Remember, you are not in your own personal plane.

Now I can bet that you’ll have multiple experiences with several of these. So my suggestion is to take a deep breath and relax. There is no gain from making a scene with someone or having an altercation with the couple carrying 3 children and 6 bags on the plane in front of you. If anything, be thankful that is not you! Enjoy your holiday travel.

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