is back and Open for Business!


You are reading that right, is back and open for business, and this time for good!  No more corporate monitoring…with their silly rules of setting limits on networking, appropriate blogging, general communication, or just plain old sharing the truth.  The times are changing and the entire consulting industry is shifting to stay aligned with those changes.  Now more than ever we need a place to vent our frustrations, share our accomplishments, express our concerns, and most importantly…share our knowledge!

If you are a returning subscriber, I promise more of the same…tips on travel, industry breaking news, client activity, job postings, and fun topics in the healthcare consulting world.  Some changes will include the introduction to Special Alerts, 3rd Party Vendor Hot News Flashes, Coming Soon to your Local Airport section, and much more.  You’ll notice the slight name change from to, but no other changes impacting the site.

For those first time readers, be sure to take a glance through the archive for years of tips and varies stories.  Most importantly, take advantage of my feedback section on the bottom of every story to share your information or give suggestions for future articles.

I am very excited to be back, and hope you…my friends, family, colleagues, associates, and avid readers are excited too!  Be sure to watch for the official first story coming out tomorrow.  🙂




One Comment on “ is back and Open for Business!

  1. Doug, I had not known about this before but I look forward to participating.


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