Puppy Dies in Overhead bin. Why??


As professional travelers we are experts when it comes to packing, dealing with security lines, managing our seats, and most of all handling our luggage.  No doubt we all shrug at the daily nonsense we experience from the infrequent traveler.  Some passengers are greatly dependent on the instructions of TSA, gate agents, and especially flight attendants.  The big question this story beckons to be answered is why did the passenger agree to put their dog in an overhead bin?

We’ve all seen the stories of being kicked off a plane or watched the passenger shaming videos.  Most the time we laugh at the craziness of the antics of our fellow passengers.  In this case, I’m not sure this was simply a nonsensical decision made by the passenger.  None of the news coverage talks about the passenger questioning the instructions of the flight attendant.  Why?  The potential for harm to the animal is obvious.  The fact that no one else around bothered to speak up is mind boggling.

Flying should be an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.  I think those of us who travel weekly should lead by example and speak up when we see something wrong.  Do you ever ask the attendant to ask that woman to stop putting on nail polish or that guy to stop cutting his toe nails?  If you saw a passenger put a dog in the overhead bin, would you speak up?  I think we all would now.

Food for thought as you google this truly sad story.


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