J.D. Power Airline Satisfaction Results – United in Dead Last (again)


white united airlines plane
Photo by Pascal Renet on Pexels.com

The J.D. Power 2019 North America Airline Satisfaction Study was released yesterday. I look forward to seeing these results every year so I can remind myself that my loyalty and decision to exclusively fly Delta continues to be the right choice. The big news from the report this year is that the overall satisfaction ratings went up by 11 points to an all-time survey high. Speculation is passengers have seen huge improvements with new planes, lower prices and improved in-flight amenities.

No major surprises with the ratings which are based on responses from 5,966 passengers who flew a major North American airline between March 2018 and March 2019.
Among the US carriers, Alaska Airlines ranked the highest with a score of 801 followed by their partner, Delta Air Lines, with 788. It’s not apples to apples as Alaska has limited options for flights on the east coast and so I can’t give Alaska Airlines huge kudos. I mean who does fly them?? SEA to LAX sure, but how enough voters came in to name Alaska #1 makes me scratch my head.

I was surprised to see American Airlines come in third with a score of 764 as they are so often complained about. Another one that makes me chuckle is Air Canada, who came in with a score of 729. My favorite result, which was no surprise, is last place…United Airlines, with a score of 723. The huge score difference between United and Delta is significant enough to make me smile cheek to cheek.  I feel bad for my fellow travelers who still fly this airline.

Among the low-cost carriers, for those few consultants who actually fly them, include Southwest and JetBlue tied at 817, followed by WestJet (758), Spirit Airlines (711) and Frontier Airlines (702).

The biggest disappointment of air travel according to the survey? In-flight services, such as seatback entertainment, food service and Wi-Fi, continue to be ranked the lowest. These are all areas that are always being improved, so I get that you won’t make everyone happy.

Where did your airline rank? Agree with these results? Share your comments below.

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