Know your State Rules and Request your Absentee Ballot Early

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Voting season is upon us, and our participation is absolutely essential this year. Many of us travel weekly which impedes on our ability to go to our assigned polling location. The good news is that regardless of what state you live in, there is a quick and easy way to request your absentee ballot. I recommend simply visiting From there you can select your state and complete the form. This will take all of about 1 minute and you can move forward with booking your travel and focusing on your engagement.

There are different deadlines based on the state you live. Click here for a list of each states requirements. Most states recommend you request your ballot a week in advance if doing so online. However there are some states that require two weeks. You can also request a ballot in person to be mailed in. Also be sure to follow the “mailed by” requirements for your state. Some allow post marked date of election, but others require 3 days prior.

There are all different considerations for voting by the way.  Most states recognize; Polling place voting, absentee voting with excuse, absentee voting without excuse, early voting, in-person absentee voting, all-mail voting, provisional voting, overseas absentee voting, and military absentee voting. Absentee voting by mail without excuse is allowed in 27 states and DC. In 20 states, an excuse is required. No-excuse permanent absentee voting is allowed in 6 states and in DC, and 3 states (Oregon, Washington and Colorado) conduct all early voting by mail.

There is no reason you can’t vote this year.  I promise not to preach on this site, nor will I share my views on candidates.  Instead I’ll just encourage you all to be proactive and request your ballot now.  I’ll end by also mentioning that if you haven’t registered to vote, and want to do that as well as request an absentee ballot, visit and select your state.

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