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Cerner acquires Siemens, what does this really mean?

The big announcement this week, Cerner acquires Siemens. Well, not officially until 2015. This wasn’t a big surprise actually. Blogs including HISTalk have been suggesting this since May. Perhaps its the fact that there are only a handful of truly prominent Electronic Health Management… Continue Reading “Cerner acquires Siemens, what does this really mean?”

3 Years of

Three years ago my boss, at the time, suggested that I start a blog on travel tips, movies, restaurants, and hotels. Having spent the last 10 years on the road has certainly given me some great materials to write about. Having worked with so… Continue Reading “3 Years of”

Multi City Ticket vs Multiple One Way Tickets

We all know that airlines are pricing tickets based on initial city with final destination and whether you have connections. But what if you have to make several over night stops for business? With a 4 city tour coming up, I decided to see… Continue Reading “Multi City Ticket vs Multiple One Way Tickets”

ICD-10 Potential Delay…Again

Our industry continues to be impacted by government decisions regarding Meaningful Use and ICD-10. The latest news regarding the vote for a one year delay in the House, once again puts us and our clients at odds. This will go to Senate on Monday… Continue Reading “ICD-10 Potential Delay…Again”

Delta Announces Changes to Frequest Flyer Program…again

Seems Delta just keeps changing it’s programs and services for the worse year after year.  The announcement states that Delta flyers will now earn “miles” based on the cost of the ticket rather than actual miles flown.  An advantage to Diamond and Platinum members is… Continue Reading “Delta Announces Changes to Frequest Flyer Program…again”

Thinking Outside the Box For Your Next Engagement

We’ve all heard the rumors.  Client’s are reducing budgets, avoiding contractors, and limiting extensions.  Epic needs are down, Meditech is a slow sinking ship, McKesson is for Legacy support only, and Siemens is dead…and no one is even talking Cerner.  These rumors are somewhat… Continue Reading “Thinking Outside the Box For Your Next Engagement”