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Upgrades, priority boarding, on time, and other areas that help us choose an airline

FLY – Airline passengers get new rights Tuesday

Huge article reported just today on benefits for travelers.  I’m especially excited about compensation… In response to some high profile cases of passenger neglect by airlines, federal regulators announced new rules in April to expand the rights of airline passengers, and those regulations take… Continue Reading “FLY – Airline passengers get new rights Tuesday”

FLY – Why TripIt ?

Tracking multiple flights can be somewhat cumbersome.  Especially if you fly different airlines, to multiple cities, and multiple clients.  I’ve found TripIt to be a one stop shop for me with many additional helpful features.  Here are just a few. My favorite is showing… Continue Reading “FLY – Why TripIt ?”

FLY – Airline Partners, who has my ticket anyway?

The confusion around airline partners and the impact it has on costumers is something worth talking about.  The scenario is you go to or to buy your ticket for an upcoming flight.  You show up at the airport, and your reservation doesn’t… Continue Reading “FLY – Airline Partners, who has my ticket anyway?”

FLY – Enhanced Screening Method Introduced at Logan Airport

I find it odd that my last posting was about how to deal with the inconsistent issues around delays and cancelations at our airports.  Since that time (I’ve been on vacation) the newest of delays has come out from the TSA.  An enhanced screening… Continue Reading “FLY – Enhanced Screening Method Introduced at Logan Airport”

FLY – Delays, cancelations, and dealing with it

 As a road warrior, one quickly discovers delays and cancelation are just a part of our routine.  When I first started flying weekly I used to get so upset and angry when my flight was delayed or even worst, canceled.  Over the years, you… Continue Reading “FLY – Delays, cancelations, and dealing with it”